Friday, June 17, 2011

Superhero movies

I guess Green Lantern sucked. I didn't see it. I went and saw X-Men First Class. Which was awesome. Fantastic acting, a great story, character development ... in short, everything. Doesn't follow the source material, but I didn't care. No one I have talked to about this movie cared that they didn't religiously adhere to the source material. So, go see that one.

Green Lantern had everything going for it. A good director. A script that a Green Lantern comics writer had signed off on. A decent cast. A big budget. I don't know how it could possibly have failed as hard as everyone is saying it has. I was so sure this movie was going to be good. I hear it sucks. ~sigh. Where did they go wrong? Maybe I'll see it someday and tell you. Until then, go see First Class. Unlike some movies out there, it doesn't suck.

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